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Engine Oil
Oil Filter
Free Safety Video Inspection
Cabin Filter
Antifreeze coolant check and top up
Brake Fluid check and top up
Power Steering Fluid check and top up
Brake Pad check
Brake Disc check
Check Brake pipes
Check Hand brake cables
Check Light bulbs
Tyre's check
Wheel bearings check
Check condition of suspension
Check Fuel leaks
Check Oil leaks
Service lights reset
Fuel filter
Air filter
Spark Plugs (For Petrol cars)

Electric Car Specialists

As the damages by Combustion engines to the environment get more and more evident with each passing day, people have slowly shifted their attention and focus to electric cars, which are much more environment friendly and cheaper as compared to the ever increasing fuel prices. With this, the issues with electric cars have risen as well, which need to be fixed in due time by a good garage repair amenity.

About EV-Tech & MOT LTD

Do you need some work to be done on your electric car? If you do, EV-Tech & MOT LTD is the best option for you. We provide great facilities to our customers and their belongings to make sure that they stay content and satisfied with our services. You can come to our Harlow garage, and we’ll perform the necessary repairs.

Electric Car Repairs

If there is a problem with the functioning of your electric car like battery or motor issue, you can come to EV-Tech & MOT LTD for the necessary electric car repairs. We have experienced mechanics and professional electric car specialists who check for all the issues there might be in your car and perform the necessary repairs in due time.

Electric Car MOT

EV-Tech & MOT LTD performs repairs as well as tests on cars. We have the facilities for the Ministry of MOT tests, which check the vehicles deeply to inspect for any car issues. Our garage is fully approved MOT centre to conduct these tests, and we do a thorough inspection of the car. If the car passes the test, your automobile is set to run. If the car fails, your car will not be allowed to be driven on the road until it passes the MOT test.

Electric & Hybrid Repair Specialists

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